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ASTM Standards

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B1 Hard drawn Copper wire B2 Medium-hard drawn Copper wire B3 Soft or annealed Copper wire B33 Tinned soft or annealed Copper wire for electrical purposes B48 Soft rectangular and square bare Copper wire for electrical conductors B105 Hard drawn … Continue reading

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C102/C110 Copper

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Copper is the “standard” metal used for electrical conductors. Copper has extremely high electrical conductivity, surpassed only by pure silver and it has excellent tensile, solderability and corrosion characteristics. C102 is an oxygen free (OF) copper that has better drawing … Continue reading

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Percon HS-95

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Percon HS-95 is engineered to be both RoHS compliant and to have an excellent combination of strength and conductivity. So named and having a tensile strength of 95,000psi (656 Mpa), HS-95 is a true ultra high strength alloy well suited for … Continue reading

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Percon 28

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Percon 28 is engineered to have 33% greater minimum break strength with the same electrical conductivity of ASTM B 624 conductors. This alloy allows wire and cable system designers performance improvements in strength and flex life and the ability to reduce … Continue reading

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Percon 24

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Percon 24 was developed specifically to meet the requirements of AS22759, AS29606, NEMA WC 67, ASTM B 624, and MIL-DTL-25038. It replaces cadmium containing PD 135 in these applications.  A truly high performance conductor comprising a minimum strength of 60 ksi … Continue reading

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