The Fisk Story

Fisk Alloy was formed in 1973, expressly to produce high-quality copper alloy wire. Our founding philosophy was, and will always be, to produce the best possible quality—the best in class. And to set the standard for product, pricing and customer service.

For four decades we have supplied specialty wire systems to discriminating designers and engineers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, medical and electronics industries. Innovation is in our DNA: Our founder John Fisk, a professional in nonferrous alloys who had spent his career in the specialty metal business, engineered a system for high-precision square wire which was a great leap forward in quality. His vision was that future technologies would require higher quality copper alloy wire, and he was right.

Today, our products are custom-engineered to the requirements and specifications of our customers. In many cases this means we have developed proprietary capabilities in high-performance alloy wire for which we are the only producer in the world.

A Few Words From Eric Fisk

Determined, focused and passionate; CEO, Eric Fisk, shares his perspective on what it means for Fisk Alloy to continually strive to be the world’s best engineers of specialty copper alloy wire.

We have a 142,000 square-foot facility within which we house machinery and equipment that do everything from producing raw materials through electroplating the finished product. We have an excellent engineering staff and machine shop where we design and build most of our process equipment. What we do not build ourselves, we have built to our design specifications, and we are continually investing in new equipment and improving our process technology. Our business is wire, but our passion is exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Today, the owner and President of the company is Eric Fisk. He has been involved in its development from the early years, and continues to be totally committed to building a growing, prospering, innovative company for the decades ahead. Eric is joined by an outstanding group of scientists and engineers, equally committed, who have spent their professional lives focused on copper alloy wire. Their deep knowledge of these materials and sense of what’s possible give Fisk the insight needed to develop wire systems that will continue to be both forward looking and live up to the philosophy of high-quality that has served us so well.

The Front Lines of Innovation

Relentless innovation takes many forms. Watch the diverse people who work at Fisk, for example, and you will see unalloyed pride, purpose and intense concentration at every turn, whether you observe a PhD metallurgist, a worker monitoring a gleaming spool of alloy wire, or someone in customer service moving heaven and earth to satisfy a customer.

Producing high-precision alloy wire takes great discipline. It also takes extraordinary investments of resources and skill. Ultimately, whatever reputation we earn will be hard won in the tiniest increments and finest tolerances, by employees whose dedication to quality is unsurpassed.