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ASTM Standards

Posted on by P. Panaget

B36 Brass plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar B99 Copper Silicon alloy wire for general purposes B103 Phosphor Bronze plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar B122 Copper Nickel Tin alloy, Copper Nickel Zinc alloy (Nickel Silver), and Copper Nickel alloy … Continue reading

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C19150/60 Leaded Precipitation-Hardenable Copper

Posted on by P. Panaget

Alloy C19150 and C19160 are high copper alloys with small additions of nickel, phosphorus and lead. The alloys provide a good combination of tensile strength, electrical conductivity, fair machinability and excellent formability.

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C752 Nickel Silver 18% (CuNi18Zn20)

Posted on by P. Panaget

Alloy C752 is an 18% nickel silver alloy combining corrosion resistance with strength and a lustrous silver color. Applications include optical frames and parts, springs, surgical instruments, jewelry, resistors and contacts.

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