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C519 Phosphor Bronze 6% (CuSn6)

Posted on by P. Panaget

A phosphor bronze, alloy C519 has 6% nominal tin producing higher mechanical strengths with a slight decrease in electrical conductivity when compared to C510 phosphor bronze. Often functionally interchangeable with C510 which predominates in North America, alloy C519 is generally … Continue reading

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C17510 Copper-Nickel-Beryllium (CuNi2Be)

Posted on by P. Panaget

As a low beryllium alloy, C17510 resides at the lower strength end of the beryllium copper strength spectrum but in comparison has a substantial increase in electrical conductivity. The alloy processes and heat treats like all beryllium coppers and can … Continue reading

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Percon 28

Posted on by P. Panaget

Percon 28 is engineered to have 33% greater minimum break strength with the same electrical conductivity of ASTM B 624 conductors. This alloy allows wire and cable system designers performance improvements in strength and flex life and the ability to reduce … Continue reading

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C7025 High Performance Alloy (CuNi3Si1)

Posted on by P. Panaget

Alloy C7025 is a High Performance Alloy that combines strength, conductivity, formability and stress relaxation resistance into a unique set of properties. C7025 has the qualities of some of the Beryllium Coppers without containing any Beryllium. The alloy is a … Continue reading

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C510 Bronze (CuSn5)

Posted on by P. Panaget

Alloy C510 is an alloy with good strength, formability and stress relaxation characteristics and solderability. Applications include electronic parts, springs, switches, contacts and fasteners.

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C172 Beryllium Copper (CuBe2)

Posted on by P. Panaget

Beryllium Copper alloys combine formability with very high strength properties when aged. Applications are in springs, connectors, switches and automotive parts. Special heat treating of the wire at the mill produces a “Mill Hardened” (HM) tempered Beryllium Copper wire which … Continue reading

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