BlueBrass® RoHS Compliant Lead-Free Brass

BlueBrass® brings both economic and environmental benefits to precision machining by combining performance and regulatory compliance in a single solution.

BlueBrass is a RoHS compliant, lead-free brass with good machinability, high strength, excellent ductility, and ease of recycling. Based on the copper-zinc alloy system and made from common alloying elements, lead is present only in a limited amount for compliance with a growing range of legislative and regulatory guidelines. BlueBrass is recommended for any RoHS compliant machined brass part, and is of particular interest where replacement of traditional leaded brass has proved difficult or impractical due to processing or end use requirements.

BlueBrass performance relies on a unique combination of composition and microstructure. This approach alleviates the need for substitution with elements such as silicon, bismuth, and sulfur — all of which can have negative impact to recycling and product quality, requiring continuous and costly controls in use. Because of it’s RoHS composition, BlueBrass chips can be safely added to the standard scrap stream without exception. This results in both economic and ecologic benefits throughout the supply chain.

BlueBrass is flexible by design and having a dedicated development team, we can tailor the properties to your unique situation.