Cadmium-Free Conductors

From WCTI Magazine, November 2004

Heretofore, copper alloy conductors use cadmium to increase the strength of the copper without a significant loss in conductivity. These alloys and their performance specifications are the current standard of the industry. Fisk Alloy Conductors, Inc., Hawthorne, NJ USA, a unit of Fisk Alloy Wire, Inc., has developed and now offers conductors made with environmentally “green” cadmium-free copper alloys that meet all performance specifications for finished wire and cable.

Eric Fisk, President, says, “Percon alloys are part of the company’s commitment to continuous product and process improvement.” (Editor’s note: Percon is short for Performance Conductor.) The firm was started in 1973 by his father, John Fisk, who was a risk taker willing to experiment with new alloy ideas. Click here for full article.