Compressing Quality Time

From WCTI Magazine, January 2001

Some companies achieve quality. Others have quality thrust upon them. Fisk Alloy Wire, Inc., headquartered in Hawthorne, NJ, USA, clearly falls into the former category, achieving the coveted ISO 9002 designation in near-record time.

An integrated manufacturer of specialty copper alloy wire, Fisk Alloy recognized early on the need to standardize its manufacturing processes to ensure production of the highest quality wire products for worldwide customers in the electronics, automotive and telecommunications industries. That meant meeting or exceeding the international manufacturing quality parameters codified in the ISO 9002 standard.

A formidable task for many companies, attaining ISO 9002 certification is the equivalent of passing the bar exam, an effort that is usually more difficult than one thought and too often requiring more than one attempt. Go here for the entire article.