Fisk Alloy: The Genesis of a New Product

From Wire Journal International, April 2012

The way businesses respond to change in the industry may be divided into three modes: those that are resistant to it, those that will react to it as necessary and those that are proactive. This article presents the story of one very proactive business: Fisk Alloy.

The company, which has a copper alloy redraw wire mill in Hawthorne, New Jersey, began as a materials supplier for electronic connectors, and evolved and expanded far beyond its core focus in anticipation of changing needs. Long before the advent of Europe’s RoHS regulations, which essentially spelled the end of the use of cadmium by industry, Fisk Alloy introduced Percon®, a new cadmium-free copper alloy wire product line.

Fisk Alloy CEO, Eric Fisk, tells the story of how the Percon product line came to be, a journey that included educated guesses, unexpected surprises, fortunate timing, excruciating delays and incredible perseverance, all of which have led to the recent introduction of Percon 28, the first copper alloy conductor to exceed ASTM B624 strength requirements. For the full article, click here.