Percon 28 White Paper: Continued Improvements in Alloy Conductors

Environmental and health concerns resulting in the introduction of RoHS regulations created a flurry of activity to introduce products which did not contain hazardous metals such as cadmium. Percon 17Percon 19 and Percon 24 are green conductor alloys introduced by Fisk Alloy over a decade ago to address the issue of hazardous metals in conductors. Percon 17 and 19 are alloys designed to replace soft and hard cadmium copper C162 respectfully. Percon 24 was designed to meet the requirements of ASTM B624 and in so doing provide a replacement for the copper-chromium-cadmium alloy C18135.

Over the intervening years Fisk Alloy continued the work on alloy development to improve alloy conductor properties significantly beyond what has been available. This work has culminated in the introduction of Percon 28, a new high performance copper-chromium alloy which is also environmentally green. Download the full Percon 28 white paper here.