Wired for Innovation

From WCTI Magazine, November 2002

“A solved puzzle is a simple puzzle,” goes and old expression that acknowledges how a solution to a thorny problem may sometimes look obvious in hindsight. That bit of insight comes from Joseph Saleh who holds a PhD in metallurgy and is the Chief Metallurgist at Fisk Alloy Wire Inc., one of the USA’s leading manufacturers of specialty copper alloy wire. 

Both Dr. Saleh and Fisk Alloy President Eric Fisk may share that smack-on-the-forehead “why didn’t we think of it sooner” feeling about Percon® 24. The firm’s most recent effort in pushing the copper alloy envelope, Percon 24 turned out to be the answer to a product puzzle that was finally solved by developing a stranded conductor that offered high performance in a more environmentally friendly cadmium-free alloy. Click here for more.