The Long Thread of Innovation

Here, at Fisk Alloy, we take the long view. That may be inevitable when your business is producing continuous wire that runs hundreds of miles on each spool. We’re also keenly aware that each new copper-alloy conductor wire we create—such as Percon 28—is part of a tradition of technology and innovation that stretches back thousands of years.

The first copper alloy, bronze, was discovered in the ancient Near East and it gave its name to an age. Advances in metallurgy were matched by stunning leaps of seamanship and trade routes that stretched to the ends of the earth, driving early commerce in copper alloys. Many scholars think that written language, which emerged at the start of the Bronze Age, was spurred by this great surge in trading and economic activity.

In its day, bronze was the most prized substance on earth: you could craft a crown from gold, but you could seize a crown with bronze. So, the next time you specify Fisk copper alloy wire for a design, consider how long a thread advanced technology really is.