A Decades-Long Commitment to


Diversity Wins at Fisk

At Fisk Alloy, we pride ourselves on our dedicated and diverse workforce. To date, and still increasingly, we were born in 39 different countries and territories around the world. We live and embrace diversity, providing a fertile ground for ideas and talents to unfold. Paired with hard work, the results are products that make a difference in the world.

The following is a copy of the second half of a speech given by Eric Fisk in accepting a Life Time Achievement Award from the Wire & Cable Manufacturers Alliance. In it, he attributes and thanks the very success of the company to the internationally diverse employees that comprise Fisk Alloy, Inc. From it and with it we can provide no greater testament to our commitment to, and the benefit of, cultural diversity.

April 2019: On Our Commitment to Diversity…

“Serving the industry is our wire mill located in Hawthorne, New Jersey. Two to three miles from the north and east wall of our plant is Bergen County, one of the better economic zip codes in the country. One-quarter to one-half mile from our south and west wall is Paterson, New Jersey, and the zip code of the first residence of many who come to this country as the mill is located in the greater New York metropolitan area, the historical melting pot of the nation.

Although we reside in what was once a strong manufacturing area, it is one no longer. Costs, taxes and regulations are all high, making the area a high cost one to manufacture in. In fact, the bankers who seek our trade and who know the area’s business are amazed that we, a manufacturing company, are in fact thriving there.

We are thriving there — not because of our machinery, not because of our technologies, not because of our products. We are thriving there because of our people.

People born here and people born, now from 39 nations and growing; of many races, creeds, and religions. A very diverse group of talented individuals from these two and other zip codes in the area, as well as several still living in their native lands.

A collection of exceptional people from all over the world that you could not find anywhere else on the planet, other than where we are and the melting pot we are in.

All can be found working in every level of our business, and it is they who are the key to our ability to serve this industry, and it is they who are at the heart of our competitive strategy. People that here or elsewhere in the world may conflict, but in the wire mill work, from top to bottom, side by side, to the golden rule and the noble purposes of quality, dependability, and integrity.

This great achievement is all theirs, it is utterly American, and it is exemplary.

It is to these people, past and present, that I give my greatest thanks. You truly are exceptional, I am honored to be counted amongst you, and I stand here tonight because of you. You are the proudest part of my life’s great adventure. May your God always bless you and I thank you from the depths of my heart.”