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The Operating Regimes Within Today’s Automobiles are as Demanding, Diverse and Mission-Critical as Those in Any Industry — Including Aerospace

At Fisk, we pride ourselves on being a pioneering force in the automotive industry, dedicated to cutting-edge wire solutions. With a keen focus on innovation and strong commitment to excellence, we have developed a portfolio of advanced copper alloy wires catering specifically to the ever-evolving needs of the automotive market, such as current trends in e-mobility and electric vehicle infrastructure. Our wire solutions are at the forefront of automotive technology, engineered to meet the highest standards of durability, performance, and safety; ensuring reliable connections in increasingly small spaces – stable over time and under the harsh conditions of corrosion, temperature, vibration… and whatever comes next.

Working closely with our clients, sound expertise enables us to offer customizable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible solutions that empower the vehicles of tomorrow.

Copper Alloy Wire

Copper alloy wire has a storied history, yet the pursuit of exceptional quality and unwavering reliability in robust applications has remained a rare achievement. Fisk leads the way in the realm of enhanced, high-performance materials crafted to address intricate engineering challenges resulting in a multitude of pioneering processes and products. We are driven by the unwavering belief that our innovations will continue to reshape the landscape, making excellence the new standard in copper alloy wire applications.

ASTM Standards

Brass plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar
Copper Silicon alloy wire for general purposes
Phosphor Bronze plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar
Copper Nickel Tin alloy, Copper Nickel Zinc alloy (Nickel Silver), and Copper Nickel alloy plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar
Brass wire
Copper sheet, strip, plate, and rolled bar
Phosphor Bronze wire
Copper Beryllium alloy plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar
Copper Beryllium alloy
Copper Nickel Zinc (Nickel Silver) wire and Copper Nickel alloy wire
General requirements for Wrought Copper alloy wire
Flat Copper products with finished (rolled or drawn) edges (flat wire and strip)
Copper Nickel Silicon alloy wire
Copper Nickel Silicon Magnesium alloy sheet or strip
Copper Iron alloy plate, sheet, strip and rolled bar
Copper Zirconium alloy sheet and strip

Fine Wire

Our efforts in specialty and fine wire focus directly on the ever-increasing requirements for high performance products at smaller sizes. From traditional spring materials in beryllium copper, to alternative beryllium-free systems, our specialty and fine wire products bring together our existing alloy and conductor lines to offer unique combinations of strength, conductivity, formability, and resistance to relaxation or softening. With careful consideration of these attributes and a complete range of available plating solutions, we can meet the requirements of a wide variety of parts from electronic contacts to mechanical springs.

ASTM Standards

Phosphor Bronze wire
Copper Beryllium alloy
General requirements for Wrought Copper alloy wire

Copper Alloy Conductors

Copper alloys for electrical conductors possess specific properties suited for an array of demands and applications. They are designed to balance several competing engineering attributes — tensile strength, electrical conductivity, elongation, thermal stability, and mechanical processing. At Fisk, we’ve spent decades dedicating ourselves to the precision engineering of premium copper alloy conductor wire, culminating in an unrivaled expertise and core competency that continues today.

ASTM Standards

Hard drawn Copper wire
Medium-hard drawn Copper wire
Soft or annealed Copper wire
Tinned soft or annealed Copper wire for electrical purposes
Soft rectangular and square bare Copper wire for electrical conductors
Hard drawn Copper alloy wires for electrical purposes
Tinned hard drawn and medium-hard drawn Copper wire for electrical purposes
Silver-coated soft or annealed Copper wire
Nickel-coated soft or annealed Copper wire
High-strength, high-conductivity Copper alloy wire for electronic applications

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