On the Front Line of Innovation: Fisk Employees

Relentless innovation takes many forms.

Watch the diverse people who work at Fisk, for example, and you will see unalloyed pride, purpose and intense concentration at every turn, whether you observe a PhD metallurgist, a worker monitoring a gleaming spool of alloy wire, or someone in customer service moving heaven and earth to satisfy a customer.

That relentless pursuit also infuses each custom-engineered copper alloy wire we bring to market. Such as our latest cadmium-free alloy, Percon® 28, a unique synthesis of low electrical resistance, very high break strength and exceptional flex life. In fact, Percon 28 has a minimum tensile strength 33% greater than ASTM B624 requirements.

Producing high-precision alloy wire takes great discipline. It also takes extraordinary investments of resources and skill. Ultimately, whatever reputation we earn will be hard won in the tiniest increments and finest tolerances, by employees whose dedication to quality is unsurpassed.