Conductor Facts

Conversion Factors

FormulasUsed to Change One Set of Units to Another (Metric to US/English and Vice Versa) for a Variety of Wire Measurements

Tensile Strength – US/English
Kilopounds per square inch (ksi) 0.7031 Kilograms per square millimeter (kg/mm²)
Ohm-square millimeter per meter (Ω-mm²/m) 6.8948 Megapascals (MPa) or
Newtons per square millimeter (N/mm²)
Tensile Strength – Metric
Kilograms per square millimeter (kg/mm²) 1422.3 Pounds per square inch (psi)
Megapascals (MPA) 0.145 Kilopounds per square inch (ksi)
Force – US/English
Pound force (lb) 4.4482 Newton (N)
Force – Metric
Newton (N) 0.22481 Pound force (lb)
Resistance – US/English
Ohms per 1000 ft (Ω/mft) 3.2808 Ohms per kilometer (Ω/km)
Ohms per mile (Ω/mile) 0.62137 Ohms per kilometer (Ω/km)
Resistance – Metric
Ohms per kilometer (Ω/km) 0.3048 Ohms per 1000 ft (Ω/mft)
Ohms per kilometer (Ω/km) 1.6093 Ohms per mile (Ω/mile)
Resistivity – US/English
Ohm-circular mil per foot (Ω-cmil/ft) 0.16624 Micro-ohm centimeter (mΩ-cm)
Ohm-circular mil per foot (Ω-cmil/ft) 0.0016624 Ohm-square millimeter per meter
Ohm-circular mil per foot (Ω-cmil/ft) 0.065450 Micro-ohm inch (mΩ-in)
Micro-ohm-inch (mΩ-in) 15.279 Ohm-circular mil per foot (Ω-cmil/ft)
% IACS 1037.1 ÷ %IACS Ohm-circular mil per foot (Ω-cmil/ft)
Resistivity – Metric
Micro-ohm centimeter (mΩ-cm) 6.0153 Ohm-circular mil per foot (Ω-cmil/ft)
Micro-ohm centimeter (mΩ-cm) 0.39370 Micro-ohm inch (mΩ-in)
Micro-ohm centimeter (mΩ-cm) 0.0100 Ohm-square millimeter per meter
Ohm-square millimeter per meter
601.54 Ohm-circular mil per foot (Ω-cmil/ft)
% IACS 172.41 ÷ %IACS Micro-ohm centimeter (mΩ-cm)
Weight – US/English
Pounds per 1000 ft (lbs/mft) 1.4882 Kilograms per kilometer (kg/km)
Weight – Metric
Kilograms per kilometer (kg/km) 0.67197 Pounds per 1000 ft (lbs/mft)
Density – US/English
Pounds per cubic inch (lb/in³) 27.68 Grams per cubic centimeter (gm/cm³)
Density – Metric
Grams per cubic centimeter (gm/cm³) 0.03613 Pounds per cubic inch (lb/in³)
Cross-Sectional Area – US/English
Circular mils (CMA or cmil) 0.0005067 Square millimeter (mm²)
Square inches (in²) 645.16 Square millimeter (mm²)
Circular mils (CMA or cmil) 0.0000007854 Square inches (in²)
Square inches (in²) 1273240 Circular mils (CMA or cmil)
Cross-Sectional Area – Metric
Square millimeter (mm²) 1973.6 Circular mils (CMA or cmil)
Square millimeter (mm²) 0.00155 Square inches (in²)