Fisk Alloy GmbH

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone for Fisk Alloy with the forming of our EU manufacturing facility located in Finnentrop, Germany.

Fisk Alloy GmbH produces next generation high precision square wire in copper alloys for highly-demanding connector applications. Est. 2021, our German facility has taken Fisk Alloy´s corporate experience to the next level, combining new concepts of square wire manufacturing with the broadest range of copper alloys and a highly motivated team of professionals committed to our customers´ success.

Fisk Alloy GmbH is part of the Fisk Alloy Group based in the US who has a global reputation as a producer of unparalleled high performance copper alloys in a broad variety of forms and shapes pre-plated with tin, nickel, silver and gold for applications in connectors, intricate electronic parts and cables for the aerospace, medical, auto and electronics industries where failure is not an option.

This milestone represents not just expansion, but a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and serving our valued customers even better.

Join us on this exciting new chapter of our journey and stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to bring the same dedication and quality you know us for to a new location!